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New Patient Reviews


Everyone at the practice is amazing! So glad we found each other.
-Tina T.


Dr. Baumbick and his staff cannot possibly get any nicer and it’s hard to improve on excellence.
-Timothy S.

Helped With Migraine

I have learned so much more about the practice of chiropractors during my course of my treatment. Dr. Baumbick helped me one day with an overwhelming, debilitating migraine(which is not what I am initially being treated for). I had called the office to cancel my regularly scheduled appointment and was told that he could probably help me with my migraine, which I have several years history of. Dr. Baumbick worked his magic and helped me tremendously. This experience alone is worth it’s weight in gold to me! Migraines take me down and out of function for a couple of days. Thank you so much to Dr. Baumbick and his proactive staff!
-Tamara B.