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Baumbick Benefits Package

This is a program that is designed for those companies that have strict policy’s that prohibit outside patrons, or that just are simply too busy for an event. If either is an issue, our office offers an alternative that will keep stress, injuries, and consumption of sick day at an all-time low! However, we work with your human resources department to keep productivity, morale, improved mental acuity and much more at an all-time high!
We create a cover page unique to your company that explains the benefits package that you decide including but not limited to:

  1. Free Consultation Package @ our office
  2. Free Spinal Analysis/Posture Screening @ our office
  3. Discounted Massage

Let your employee’s know that you are just as concerned for their health and they are!
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*Baumbick Chiropractic & Wellness Center reserves the right to change and/or alter any and all promotions. Certain restrictions may apply. Contact our office for any questions, comments, or concerns